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The two CDs are presented in a hard-back gatefold sleeve, with a 26-page booklet containing full notes and photos on fine-art papers, stitched, not stapled.


Captivating, 34-song anthology of Early Recordings From Iran painstakingly restored from 78s at Abbey Road studio in London.


Rare archival recordings of Iranian musicians from the early part of the 20th century. The music was painstakingly restored from 78s at Abbey Road studio in London. Ravishingly beautiful, achingly precious songs and instrumentals, ranging from two performances by the Royal Court Orchestra in 1906 - with futuristic, overlapping trumpets and exquisite clarinet improvisation - through to a hauntingly soulful Hafez setting by Moluk Zarrabi of Kashan, from 1933. There are eight selections from more than three hundred recordings made in 1909 above the Gramophone Company offices in City Road, London EC1, by the travelling Persian Concert Party - with chimes, castanets and rattles lighting up its rueful, imploring, besotted love-songs. 'I am crazy with envy of the dress asleep in your arms and the oils rubbed into your skin.' The backbone of the collection is a set of powerful performances by women, in defiance of the social stigma attached to professional musicianship. A singer calling herself simply Helen turns in some boozy Hafez wisdom: 'Keep your cards close to your chest. Kiss nothing except the lips of your beloved and the rim of a cup of wine. Let no one judge you.' The great Jewish tar-player Morteza Ney-Davud is featured as soloist and accompanist, besides a series of staggering improvisations by Abd- ol-Hoseyn Shahnazi, and an anonymous, red-raw tar solo from the South Caucasus, captured in Tiflis in 1912.


CD 1
01. Ebrāhim, Royal Orchestra - Bidād (Homāyun)
02. Rezā-Qoli, Akbar - Gavri (Shur)
03. Seyyed Hoseyn Tāherzādeh, Habibollāh Moshir-Homāyun - Bayāt Esfahān (Homāyun)
04. Seyyed Hoseyn Tāherzādeh, Akbar - Darāmad (Homāyun)
05. Not Known - Tar Solo
06. Moluk Zarrābi - Darāmad, Dād (Māhur)
07. Parvāneh - Mansuri (Chahārgāh)
08. Parvāneh - Zābol, Mokhālef (Segāh)
09. Abd-ol-Hoseyn Shahnāzi - Mokhālef (Segāh)
10. Akhtar - Bayāt Esfahān, Bayāt Rāje' (Homāyun)
11. Javād Badi'zādeh - Morgh‐e Bi‐Āshiān / Afshāri (Shur)
12. Irān‐od‐Dowleh Helen - Bidād (Homāyun)
13. Moluk - Dashti (Shur)
14. Montakhab-oz-Zākerin - Qafqāz I (Segāh)
15. Montakhab-oz-Zākerin - Qafqāz II (Segāh)
16. Abd-ol-Hoseyn Shahnāzi - Darāmad (Homāyun)
17. Hayk - Shushtar (Homāyun)


CD 2
01. Qoli, Royal Orchestra - Abu-'Atā (Shur)
02. Seyyed Hoseyn Tāherzādeh, Akbar - Qafqāz (Segāh)
03. Seyyed Hoseyn Tāherzādeh, Hoseyn - Darāmad, Bayāt Rāje' (Navā)
04. Seyyed Hoseyn Tāherzādeh, Akbar - Afshāri (Shur)
05. Asadollāh, Rezā-Qoli - Shahnāz (Shur)
06. Rezā-Qoli, Bāqer, Akbar, Moshir-Homāyun - Nā Dideh Rokhat / Bayāt Esfahān (Homāyun)
07. Abd-ol-Hoseyn Shahnāzi - Māvarā'-an-Nahr (Rāst‐Panjgāh)
08. Irān-od-Dowleh Helen - Darāmad, Dād, Khāvarān (Māhur)
09. Irān-od-Dowleh Helen - Delkash, 'Erāq (Māhur)
10. Adib Khānsāri - 'Erāq (Māhur)
11. Irān-od-Dowleh Helen - Golriz (Shur)
12. Ruhangiz - Darāmad, Zābol (Segāh)
13. Akhtar - Hejāz (Shur)
14. Mortezā Ney-Dāvud - Bayāt Esfahān, Bayāt Rāje' (Homāyun)
15. Mortezā Ney-Dāvud - 'Oshshāq, Bayāt Esfahān (Homāyun)
16. Moluk Zarrābi - Darāmad, Zābol (Chahārgāh)
17. Abd-ol-Hoseyn Shahnāzi - Bidād (Homāyun)

VARIOUS 2XCD Let No One Judge You: Early Recordings From Iran, 1906-1933

€19.90 Regular Price
€14.90Sale Price
  • Label: Honest Jon's Records ‎– HJR69CD

    Format: 2 × CD, Compilation 

    Country: UK

    Released: 04 Feb 2014

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